SHOPPING: River Island Bargains

Hello whoevers reading,
I did this post because people always ask me how can I have so much clothes and shoes etc
I just want to share my shopping tips.
- I only buy things that are really cheap or really nice.
- I look at the price then I look at the garment.
- I'd only spend loads of money on something if I know I can wear it 2years from now (mostly they are jackets and 'black') or I am totally in love with it.
- I shop in the unlikeliness off places.
- I go in shops that people would never consider.
- I shop in the market and clothes are £10 or less.
- I shop in Primark when they have sale usually £5 dresses (I style it in a way you would never think it was from Primark)
- I borrow from friends or my sisters or my mum (Sharing is caring)
- My heels cost the most.
- I make do with the make up that I have and make it work.

Theres more but I can't be bothered to think right now, Anyways back to the post, I went to River Island yesterday they have Sale on right now it wasn't great but I did get some good stuff!

These shoes below I've always wanted them!!(Well for about 2 weeks :p) They were on sale for £20 and originally £65 but both the buckles have been yanked off so the manager said they can take 75% off which came down to £5 I'm just going to use my creative mind and buy a gold broach or something to replace the missing buckles, but I'm totally in love with these I can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow :D Yay!

 These were originally £30 but I got 75% off these too because one foot is size 6 and one is size 7 can't really tell though lol, So only £7.50 I really love them!!


  1. LOL! I do this too - if I really want something I want it regardless of any imperfections.

    J x

  2. Ok I do stuff like this but the one foot size 6 and the other size 7 is a new one! LOL! You go girl! Love it!

  3. where did u buy the first pair?

  4. Loool i thought i was the only one who shopped like this