Rag & Bow:

Hey Dolls,

Rag & Bow Vintage Roaming Store ( You must know them, who doesn't they are everywhere!!)
Any how, They came to my Bedroom to checkout my wonderful closet or should I say Clothes Rail, It was super fun playing dress up and I actually discovered how many Vintage clothes I do have, When they emailed me and said you have to pick 4 of your best Vintage finds I was like Ohnooo I don't have 2 let alone 4, But when I totally ramsacked my wardrobe I realised I had more than 4, more 7, more than 8 lol Even some with the tags still on (Woops) lol I'm the type of person to see the same clothes on my rail and say to myself I Don't Have Any Clothes when in actual fact I have tons! You just have to look and start trying things on and matching things up you will be surprised! anyways I'm completely Rambling now Checkout the Outfits and mini Interview Here on their Blog

This is also an image from a shoot I did for them a Few months ago for ASOS Marketplace

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  1. Well done breeny.!!