INSPIRATION: Vintage Virgin

My only girl crush at the moment is this madam Vintage Virgin, I cannot get enough of her whenever I go on her blogs I have a mini heart attack way too much awesomeness in one place, I first was accquainted( is that the right word? we've never met lol) with her when my mate kept saying to me, you remind me of vintage virgin and I was just like Vintage Who? Then I checked out her bliog (This was like a year ago) & I have been hooked ever since, I've been meaning to get round to doing an inspirational post on her but was waiting for the right time :)
It's so weird I swear we have like some connection, The other day I had a dream about her (I never dream about people) and in that dream we were in Texas( I never knew she lived in Texas) and we were just chilling in her bedroom and I was begging her to give me some hand me downs (she gave me some crushed up makeup) I was not complaining lool! (Insert relevance here) anyways that was a bit random but yeah I absolutely adore her style I found it so effortless but so captivating I feel like all her outfit choices tell a story! She is the Epitome of Vintage and I hope to meet her one day!x
Check her out she is amaazing!

Her Adorable Son

Boots she recently DIY'd Spray Painted and Studded! Amaze!

There was wayy too many fly images for me to just choose a few I even wanted to chose more lol!x


  1. It's funny you mentioned but you two do remind me of each other, beautiful black women, BOOM!! Great post.

  2. She have the model body .... NO OFFENSE but you need to lose about 6 or 7 pds,before you can actually be signed in a model agency, i don't know why but someone sent me your advice to young girls on tumblr...and some of the answer make no sense,just because you are a print model, please don't act like you walk international catwalks. Leave the hard JOB to people who deserve that title. Thanks B.Dimitri

  3. Ok I will lose weight then what?? Huh!? I will be a model whether you like it or not you twisted freak!

  4. LOVE Jessica, will never tire of her either.

    J x

  5. youve got an amazing style!! I want all of your clothes...Deffo following you!

    Hayley xx

  6. Agreed, I love this girls style, one of my faves too x