Britains Next Top Model Live

Hey Dolls, Missed me? Yeah? Good! :P

So, I was sent press passes for Britain & Irelands Next top Model Live, Just gonna write my opinion of the whole event, I used the fact that my pass covered all three days but I was kind of bored the first few minutes, no I'm exaggerating but yeah the most exciting thing about BINTM was the freebies! So if you couldn't go I wouldn't beat yourself up about it you didn't miss much, the event was very much white orientated the free makeup I can't really use because I'm too dark of course lol... I'm just meddling lets get down to the main show! The main show was better the second day I watched it from a different view but I just thought it should have been more about the Winner Jade, Which it kind of wasn't it was just a normal show, Props to the dancers though They Were sick! *round of applause* Some of the models couldn't walk on the main stage tut tut the girls on the KISS Catwalk gave the girls a run for their money they were amazing including my girl Brandy!
I also met Maisy from Big Brother who was also walking on the KISS Catwalk, She was actually really nice which is quite surprising!
Was also in the same lounge as Judge Grace Woodward but didn't pay her any attention because she's not the nicest of people...
I can't complain I didn't pay a penny, It was a good experience...
Queueing up for our Free Cupcakes in the Press Lounge.

My Beautiful Princess Kelly That I Bought Along With Me. Love Her!

A beautiful woman from Lotty Dotty ran up to us and gave us these cute T-Shirts for free! Thank You!!

Winner Jade Thomson on the Runway for the Fianle!

Kelly With Our Girl Brandizzle!

My Lovely Shoes got a lot of attention! Blingy Bling!

Kelly With our friends who gave us Free LTC Watches aww I'm in love we both got grey ones!

The Bloggers Bar was so cute and Elite where we could actually blog straight from the event! How cool but who had time? Lol!

My Amazing Fans who made my day!!

Goody Bag consisted of Pantene shampoo and conditioner, Make up from Colour Couture, & Other Stuff... :) 

Me & Kells Had Fun In The Boooothhh!! <3

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