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I had the privilidge of working at SNOW PR for London Fashion week so I attended a few shows yep! V. Exciting I took loads of backstage/pre-show and show pics for you guys :)
Take a peak:

This was the Joanne Hynes Show:

Joanne Hynes unveiled an ultra-modern, leather based Spring / Summer 2012 collection, during London Fashion Week, called Plastiscope. The collection started, and finished, with nude leather dresses, heavily embroidered with bright multicolour patterns and beading.
Hynes has claimed that the new collection was inspired by ‘every party girl who stayed too long after the party is over’ (sic) With a rock and roll feel brought to the collection through the constant use of leather throughout, it is simmered by the introduction of colourful neckpieces shaped like animals.
Made from a plastic material, the neckpieces hung from the model’s necks with belted leather. Reds, grey-blues and burned orange leather were partnered with florescent green and metallic bronze, creating a collection the audience were in awe of.
Sighting Hitchcock and Eddie Sedgwick as her muses’, Hynes’ foil-leather, appliqué jackets were the highlight of the collection. With foil leather sleeves and a tomato red leather base, the jackets were finished off with large motifs embroidered on the back. A trademark move by Hynes, this fun style could be seen throughout the collection.
The detail upon the collection was intense, sometimes with whole skirts beaded in tiny, tubular beads creating wonderful visuals and playing with the light.
During the middle of the show, cropped tops and braletts were seen. Cut from faded yellow leather and paired with leather pencil skirts, the rock and roll indication was visible.
Every model wore a pair of plastic, skin colour leggings. Starting at the thigh and drawing down the back was a triangle of florescent pink. This created a visual puzzle; until you took a close look it wasn’t entirely clear as to weather the paint had been draw onto the models legs or if it was, in fact, leggings.
The leather-based collection was a modern twist on 80’s classics, embroidered beautifully and accessorised with Hynes own animalesque creations.

Some of my favourites:


Design duo Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis aka Jena Theo unveiled their SS12 collection Fatale at London fashion week. Inspiration was taken from the luxury of Hollywood glamour to create 'The ultimate lounge wear collection for the ultimate sinful seductress'

Some of my faves:

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