Photoshoot: Ramil Makinano

Hey Dolls, This is one of my favourite shots from a shoot I did for a Central St Martins Graduate Student who goes by the name of Ramil Makinano It was such a fun shoot and they treated me like a celebrity I got to ride in a Mercedes :-D It was one of my best shoots to date because Ramil and his mate Sunny were the most lovely Filipino gentlemen I've ever met we had fun we spoke loads about the industry and sometimes I'm so glad that I study fashion and I model too because I can speak to designers with head knowledge about the industry which is great!

After the shoot I was waiting for my ride decided to take a pic of my lovely JC's and some of the wonderful shoes i got to wear also a pic of Ramil and our lovely Photographer Robert Player sorting through pics :-)


  1. where did you buy your lita's from?
    i wanted to buy some from solestruck but people have been complaining about the extra tax fees so i didn't want to risk it lol xx

  2. heyy,

    are your lita's in the style

    'black leather' or black distressed leather? or am i completely wrong? haha x

  3. @ Anonymous I got them from Solestruck.com actually lol the Tax fees are crazzyyy!
    I heard you can get them from stores in the UK though, But I don't know where.

    @ Kara These Are Distressed leather I believe :)

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