A Lil catch up...

Heyall *waves outrageously* I thought I'd just give you a quick update as I have been uber busy for about 2 weeks and have left you guys to stare at the old post, I'm sowwi! My new years resolution was to be more consistent with blogging but as y'all know I am a super busy gel, BUT when my Macbook Pro arrives I'll be blogging almost every day ( don't hold me to that please, thanks ) But I will try so the last couple weeks have been crazy and my official sleep pattern is officially messed up, so I moved out of my house in Essex for a while because me and my sister wasn't getting a long and when to stay with a friend at her appartment which was really nice, ordering pizza's watching movies, chatting for hours was all lovely, Friday went for a rehearsel for a fashion show called Style me Happy, had my fitting then ducked out, the place happened to be in Shoreditch which was walking distance from where I was stayin Hoxton which I absoultely ADORE that location its so central and I can stay out for 24hours and still find a bus route back to the place, as oppose to essex theres NADA, thats why I always find my self stranded. Anyways busy weekend had to wake up early for a shoot in Catford on Saturday the call time was 7am and didn't have much sleep I was shooting the lookbook for LFW show for Valencia Hill, after that I had to rush off to the Fashion show in Shoreditch for 2pm did hair and make up etc etc and started the show, the after party was in Mayfair but I could not be asked!! I was soo tired and had to be up for 7am for the second part of the shoot on Sunday morning, the shoot went really well and the photos look banging, I left my friends on Sunday night and went back to the "nest" as my mum would call it, then thats my weekend done. :). I've had loads of calls for shoots and shows which i'm really happy about I have a shoot on Saturday for a hair company specialising in Brazilian hair and they gon' hook a sister up with free hair which i am ecstatic about. Oh yeah got my grades back from my last project at uni and I got top marks!! Boo yeah!! Onwards and upwards 2011 is mine you'll see. I want to encourage you!
Write your vision for 2011 and make it plain. Loves Mwahhhh xx DOLL.

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