The Know...

Hey y’all as many of you may know I am an aspiring model so being in the industry there’s a few things you pick up and today I wanna talk to you about appearance.

As a model you are supposed to be a blank canvas to be painted on, a mannequin to be dressed and so on... So as a model, let’s just put it like this you are not your own, what do I mean? Hmm you are not free to do what you like... Ok so appearance has to be CLEAN. When you model your hair must be clean and if you’re going to put weave tracks in it would be helpful if it was just sown in the middle so that the front and back is free to put up and down, NO fringes, NO full head of weave, NO purple, green or red hair, no shaved sides, no braids, no cainrows. The perfect hairstyle would be a middle parting shoulder length, NO crazy nails, NO crazy colours or patterns, NO semi-permanent eyelashes, NO semi permanent eyebrows, NO facial piercings.
I think that’s about it? So why I am telling you all this? Well mainly because I get messages all the time from girls wanting to get into the modelling industry and these are just an inkling from what you should know. I went to a show the other day and the look was wet hair, there was these two black girls, one had a curly bush (full head) the other girl had a fringe (full head) and the hairstylist couldn't do anything and it just messes up the look of everyone else, you must be versatile as a model and clean!


  1. But s there an agency where u belong or u just been scouted to be a model!!??

  2. Easiest thing would be to shave your head!