At just 17, Premier Model and A Level student Leomie Anderson is already doing major things to leave her mark on this generation, Birthed straight out of south London of a Jamaican descendant Leomie has already graced big catwalks such as: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nathan Jenden, Topshop Unique, Giles Deacon, Ungaro and Loweve all in ONE season, that is pretty good if you ask me, I caught up with the wonderful, oustandingly beautiful Miss Anderson just for you guys!! Enjoy reading the interview and please leave Feedback Mwah!!

Have you always wanted to model?

I haven’t always wanted to be a model. When I was younger people used to say I should be a model but I thought it was simply because I was tall not because I was actually capable of doing it.

So how did you get into modelling was you scouted or did you go to the agency?

I was scouted coming home from school in year nine. I saw the scout looking at me and my friends were like "err he’s a pervert" so I ran onto a bus (she laughs). The next day he came again and I thought he was stalking me and he came up to me and was like "have you ever thought about modelling" and really I hadn’t. I took the card but never called until a month later someone different from the agency said the same thing and I thought I might as well go for it!

That’s pretty amazing because last season you was in big name shows that is a big leap, how did that feel?

I still can’t believe how much people’s views on me have changed since the shows. I’m described as one of the "break through black girls" and it feels good to be called that! But I like the fact that when I’m back home and at college I’m just leomie again.

Who was your favourite designer to walk for?

My favourite designer to walk for was Marc by Marc Jacobs because I loved my look and the hair and make-up as I feel it actually suited me. I got to have my legs out which I think is one of my best attributes so I was happy ( she smiles )


From being in the industry what is your honest opinion of it i.e. other models, Casting directors etc?

I feel that the modelling industry is unlike any other and I love some of the people I’ve met. I love the stylists, photographers and casting directors especially because they get to create such unique products and they’re known for what they do for being different. But like in anywhere you go in life there can be fake people too but I haven’t run into too many of them so far.

Have u had to make any drastic changes any big sacrifices to pursue modelling?

I haven’t really had to sacrifice much. I still go to college and have a part time job. I guess I have to sacrifice more of my time which I would spend with friends out of college; I’ve also got to balance my time with college and education and sometimes I have to miss college for shoots so that’s my main sacrifice.


So what would you say would be incredible for u to achieve by the end of the year?
By the end of the year I hope to be booked for a big print or TV campaign as I feel that there aren’t enough dark skinned models doing that. I would also love to host a documentary about how fashion affects people’s lives because I think people see the fashion world as just a fairyland but its way more than that.
So the industry is not all glits n glam?
The industry is not all glitz and glam! But that’s the beauty of the industry it’s full of variety not all rich people and big pay. The first two years I earned virtually no money but I’m working hard to get recognised so the paid work can come in time!
Great, how would you describe your character?
I’m just easy going and friendly really! I'll beg friends with anyone who doesn’t mind holding conversation (she smiles) but at the moment I’m bringing out my hard working side whilst trying to keep level headed.
Has this helped you in the industry in a good or bad way?
Well I feel my personality was one of the main reasons I done so well last season. I’m just level headed and never think that I’m better than anyone else; there’s always room for improvement and I’m still improving really

Next season? New York? Paris? London? Milan?

Next season I’m going to New York again then London and Paris. Hopefully I book even more shows (she smiles)
How would you like to take modelling further?

With my career I hope to expand and go into fashion journalism as I’m really into writing that’s why I’m really focused on doing well in college especially in my A-level. English literature.
That’s amazing good luck with that and finally; what advice would you give to aspiring models?

To any aspiring model I would say that you need to know that modelling isn’t a hobby or a part time job, it takes a serious commitment. Go into agencies; you don’t need a portfolio if the agency thinks you’ve got it you won’t want need one! And don’t just go into one agency; even Tyra Banks was rejected many times before she got signed!

Thank you for your honesty Leomie and I wish you all the best in your career!

Your most welcome, and thank you!









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