The look right now I'm feeling is very grunge, if I had my SLR camera this would be the perfect moment to show you what I've been rocking out over the past couple days, unfortunately thats not the case,But i do actually feel like a rocka, its that don't care flare(ou it rhymes :p) I was getting ready for uni this morning and I had on a polka dot playsuit with elastic at the waist with ripped tights and Dr Ms and a parker jacket, My mum wasnt impressed with my ripped tights along with my reasonably short playsuit, but what she didnt get is its the style! I was confused cos she dont usually complain and it wasnt anything new I did, I ignred it and went to uni still, When I got to uni my Korean mate was like ohh what happened to your hair?? I was like What? She goes its a mess, I was like yeahh thats the look, *shake my head* Why don't they get it??
personal perception?
Anyways back to Balmain; I’ve really liked what Christophe Decarnin has been creating for years now; he keeps a very fierce, young, rock’n'roll touch to everything he puts out, even to the point where it can be ostentatious.


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