Q&A with Larry of imtheonlyoneonmystreet.blogspot.com

Meet 19 years old Larry Bau from Croydon  
Been following Larry's blog imtheonlyoneonmystreet blog since seeing his photo and video on Facehunter. 


Find his personal style refreshing and different, Larry plays around with different looks and makes it his own. Many other street style bloggers have papped Larry apart Facehunter. 

Had a mini Q&A with Larry, to pick his brain a little. 

How was LFW?

This season, it was a slight disappointment to be honest! I didn't see much that was dramatically 'out of this world amazing'. 

Mens-day Wednesday was amazing though! KTZ, Agi & Sam and Christopher Shannon were my faves. I think? 

Describe your style in 5 words.

I dunno how to do this one...I wear whatever makes me feel good I guess? 

Your Fav AW10 trend? 

It might be the whole, shorts and leggings thing! But that's been around for some time.

What made you start a blog? 

I was bored I think...It was a mess when I started. I always knew I was writing/blogging to myself, that was not good for my confidence levels! 

Have you always been this cool?

Ha! I'm not cool, I was cooler back then, I was a rude boy and I had long braided hair! How amazing!

all images from imtheonlyoneonmystreet blog

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  1. <3 Larry
    his style is sooo cool..