Forget I Have Nothing To Wear! More Like Theres Nothing To Buy!!

If your a student you'd know that, 27th of september is the best day of your life!
But for me, quite the contrary, it was the worst, I have all this money but I NOTHING to spend it on, I was absolutely bewildered when I checked out the High Street stores; Topshop, H&M, Zara, Primark Etc.... It's not that their is nothing in the shops but I'm not sure what is on trend, Everything just seems so Deja Vu, I was mentally frustrated I just had to take the train and take myself home!
To help me and to help you, I'm going to find out whats hot!

Apparently trends this season are:
-Military Fashion
-Lingerie as outerwear
-Leather Clothing
-Buttoned-up Collars
-Lace Clothing
-Cutout Clothing
-Knee High Socks
-White Tights

To say a few, but as I said it all seems too Deja Vu, I feel for me this season is about being yourself, experimenting and seeing what works for your personality and your stature, I have been put off the high street, and shall be shopping in Vintage and Charity shops, along with saturday and sunday markets. :)


My best buy was these gorgeous wedged booties for £18 from Primark, I've been wearing these everyday since I've bought them, They literally feel like trainers, I wore them from 9am to 9pm, no complaints :)
Oxford circus is where I purchased these badboys I haven't seen them in any others...

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  1. I bought these the other day from Oxford street too. They're so comfy!