Name: Naomi
Occupation: Fashion Promotion Student
Naomi, Even her name sounds famous! Baggy T Shirt, Leggins, Loafers, Long Hanging Chain, Geek glasses and a Sainsburys bag need I say more?

Location: Elephant & Castle
Name: Amber & Rich
Occupation: Media & Design Students
This Duo look like they fell from the 70's/80's... Boat Shoes and blazers are a must to keep it looking cool this year, there modern take on Urban society keeps me expectant.

Location: Elephant & Castle
Name: Lulu
Occupation: Graphics Designer

From the bottom upwards; Dirty boots, white socks, holey tights, tartan skirt, vest top, cropped denim jacket. Absolutely love it!

Location: Woodford
Name: Rhiannon
Occupation: Fashion Design Student
Rhiannon as you can see knows her stuff, and she knows it very well, yellow leotard made by herself, opaque tights, gladiator heels and a jeans jacket with hair to match, what more is there to say URBAN
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Mimi
Occupation: A Level Student
The minute you put on a classic pair of Converses, your whole appearance changes, there is something very youthful about these pair of trainers that no other brand has bin able to grasp, I like her simple take on the urban culture; a top and jeans always does the job.

Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Esther
Occupation: A Levels Student
I find it amazing when people go out in pairs to shop they tend to wear more or less the same thing, it is a call a friend in the morning crisis whereby you ask "What are you wearing today?" and then copy it, however I love Esther's attitude which is reflected through her dress sense.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Names: Fiona & Jenny
Occupation: Media Students
If I could tell you how many people I have seen over the pass few days wearing these or similar boots you would think I was lying, there is no doubt about it they are so in! and ideal for this horrendous we are battling, These two girls obviously shop mostly in Topshop as I can see the effect of it...
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Katie
Occupation: English Student
Katie’s style was vintage but not over the top, she found a balance I really liked her animated jumper with another woolly cardigan over that, worn with black tights and baby doll dress, she probably wasn’t urban per say but she made it work.
These Guys Are Super Dooper Cool!
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Joshua
Occupation: Sounds Art Design Student at LCC
I really liked Joshua's Grey Cardigan that gave a kind of "old man swag" which really worked ell with his bleach blonde hair, he reminded me of and older day chimney sweeper, he was edgy and swift about it.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Neil
Occupation: Fashion Photography & Styling Student at LCF
I liked Neil's innocent boy look, His holdel bag was quite funky as well it kind of completed the whole outfit.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Amelia
Occupation: Criminology Student
Plain & simple is how she kept it, with her navy blue blend of V Neck jumper, Jeggings and Ankle Boots.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Caroline
Occupation: Geography Student
DC Trainers, Acid Wash Jeans and Bomber Jacket, again simple but making a statement.

Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Josh
Occupation: Sales assistant at Illustrated People in Topshop
Even with all these laundrette bags he managed to get away with looking Uber trendy, although not intentionally but when you are "cool" anything will work in your favour.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Scott
Occupation: Manager at Choice
This guy knows he is cool, he has it written all over his face, I love how he has constructed this whole garment together, effortlessly he has tucked his jeans into his socks, giving that b-boy look the perfect finish.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Amy
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser
Amy did brighten up my snowy day with her multi colours bomber jacket. Very, very retro teamed with ashy jeans and Vans, It didn't look like she tried but it worked so well, I guess this is what happens when your a VM.
Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Rebecca
Occupation: Market Researcher
I loved Rebecca's awkward shyness it really comes out in the clothes she chose to put on this day, as we all know if you haven't got a pair of these ash grey boots your not really that cool. I like the way she resembles a Russian doll with her scraggly blonde hair, it is a definite winner.

Location: Shepherds Bush
Name: Ladene
Occupation: Beauty Therapist
And Urban freshness comes to mind when I looked at Ladene, the basics for being urban cool, White Converses, Skinny Jeans & A Tassley Top. This is urban chic on a cool, chillax day.

These Girls Are Adorably Cute!
Location: Brick lane
Name: Mia
Occupation: Student
Love, Love, Love this girl's individuality, a subtle twist on the urban culture, incorporating US style with the UK is a big yes, yes! worn with the never out dated Dr martens. She is a young Genius!

Location: Brick Lane
Name: Jacqueline
Occupation: Student

13 years of age and already this "cool" these are the kids of our future, third time being stopped this day I loved young Jacqueline take on Urban, with a Barber jacket, jersey dress, tights and the unmissable bright red Dr M's she really has the "it" factor.

Location: Brick lane
Name: Suru
Occupation: Personal Trainer
There was something I liked about Suru's presence that was very "urban culture" he doesn't look like your typical modish person but there was and edge that I really loved about the guy.

Location: Bricklane
Name: Foo
Occupation: Artist
Apart from her confusing first name, there was something else I liked about her, her "stand to attention" shoulder pads, they wasn't to evident because the jacket was black but they do make a good difference, she probably isn't urban per say but I like her.

Location: Shoreditch
Name: Olu Biyi
Occupation: Menswear at Central Saint Martins
Olu had a different kind of urban swagger about him that I liked from the way he talked, to the way he dressed, to the way he carried himself. It amazes me that in -3 degree temperature human beings can still look good.

Location: Shoreditch
Name: Joe
Occupation: Animation director
Not your average Joe! His whole manner screams Animation Director, I was feeling his "don't care" hairstyle and geek glasses more than his outfit he actually looked like a cartoon character, he gives the image of urban society.

Location: Shoreditch
Name: Samuel
Occupation: Actor
I first noticed Samuels shockingly ginger hair which made his blue eye stand out all the more, I think he was going for the B-Boy look with the clashing blue sneakers and purple rucksack; which I liked about him, he was unusual and his approach was quite inimitable.

Location: Shoreditch
Name: Georgey
Occupation: BA Footwear at London College Of Fashion
I completely dig Georgey's style it is very eye catching. I could not help but follow her onto the bus to then realise she wasn't likely to get off soon, I adore her high design vintage Moschino bag I reckon it lights up the whole outfit.

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