Nyane Leboja!

The Jacket I made for Superstar Nyane,
What do you think? :)


Illustration of me by Brett Russel

How amazing is this?

Check out his work here: 


Kate Moss for W Magazine March

In awe of this image, Isn't it just mesmerizing?
I'll answer that, Yes It Is Amazing!
Lensed by Steven Klein

W Magazine: Feminine Mystique

W Shows us the spring trends with bold prints, new shapes and the beautiful chunky jewellery!
Stylist: Giovanna Battaglia
Photographer: Emma Summerton 
Model: Anais Mali, Jourdan Dunn, Jasmine Tookes

"30 Years of Optimism" LOVE Magazine

 Love magazine Editorial

I'm in Love with the layering, juxtaposition and colours, Mmm Eye Candy!!
Stylist: Panos Yiapanis,
Photographer: Mario Testino
Models: Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova, Rosie Huntington Whiteley,  Carmen Kass and Lily Donalson


Abbey Lee Kershaw for Numero 126

I know it's old but, I absolutely adore this editorial! One because it's beautiful and Two my woman Abbey Lee is in it!


Shoes and Jacket that I have recently studded. For orders email DollsScrapbook@gmail.com


Really adore my Roman looking 3 Finger Ring and it goes perfectly with my Gold glitter Tips :)
- £16 Topshop Sale: £8

SHOPPING: River Island Bargains

Hello whoevers reading,
I did this post because people always ask me how can I have so much clothes and shoes etc
I just want to share my shopping tips.
- I only buy things that are really cheap or really nice.
- I look at the price then I look at the garment.
- I'd only spend loads of money on something if I know I can wear it 2years from now (mostly they are jackets and 'black') or I am totally in love with it.
- I shop in the unlikeliness off places.
- I go in shops that people would never consider.
- I shop in the market and clothes are £10 or less.
- I shop in Primark when they have sale usually £5 dresses (I style it in a way you would never think it was from Primark)
- I borrow from friends or my sisters or my mum (Sharing is caring)
- My heels cost the most.
- I make do with the make up that I have and make it work.

Theres more but I can't be bothered to think right now, Anyways back to the post, I went to River Island yesterday they have Sale on right now it wasn't great but I did get some good stuff!

These shoes below I've always wanted them!!(Well for about 2 weeks :p) They were on sale for £20 and originally £65 but both the buckles have been yanked off so the manager said they can take 75% off which came down to £5 I'm just going to use my creative mind and buy a gold broach or something to replace the missing buckles, but I'm totally in love with these I can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow :D Yay!

 These were originally £30 but I got 75% off these too because one foot is size 6 and one is size 7 can't really tell though lol, So only £7.50 I really love them!!


EVENT: @Nail|Porn & Sophy Nails

Didn't get much pictures from this event so I stole some from my mate Guetan lol, It was a really really really fun night no but seriously really fun lol I hope to go to more of these in 2012
There was a revolting que to get nails done so we didn't really bother but we did part hard and we got to sit on Santas lap(metaphorically speaking) and got given OPI Nail Vanish a long with some other Topshop stuff in our GoodBags! Thanks Nail Porn!
Check out SophyNails for some beautiful high fashion nail art! She is basically one of the best I've seen around!